The Wild Wild West


Come enjoy the Wild, Wild West in action at Fowler City in the Magical Mimbres Valley near Silver City, NM! The Gila Ranger’s Single Action Shooting Society has a shootout the second Saturday of every month!! You will find folks with old west names like Bud Guzzlin’, Led Foulin’, Chico Cheech, Capt. Eli McDaniel, and more. They wear fancy clothes from the 1800s, and most importantly, you will see them compete with long and short, black powder guns. The events begin at 9:30 a.m.

Fowler City is in a beautiful canyon where old time store fronts and shooting stations have been erected. Each of the cowboys and cowgirls get their turn to shoot at targets for timing and accuracy with both short and long guns. You will see groups move through each of the shooting stations much like you would see in golfing. There is great comrade and fun along the way!

The cowboys and cowgirls encourage you to come out and watch the events and mingle with the folks. They love to share with you their love of cowboy action shooting!!

The second weekend in September is their big annual event at Fowler City called the Geronimo Trail Shoot Out! Activities begin Friday night and run through Sunday afternoon. Folks from all over the United States come to participate in this annual event!

We’d love to have you stay with us at Georgetown Cabins Resort while participating or spectating in these monthly and annual events! We are only about 8 miles from Fowler City, so you will have a quick trip to get to the event and a great place to come home to for relaxing and getting ready for the upcoming day!

Contact Susie at Georgetown Cabins Resort at (575) 534-4529 to make your reservation early as cabins for these weekends book up fast!

We’ve been staying in the Georgetown Cabins for several years now … each year we attend the local annual Cowboy Action Shooting™ match, Geronimo Trail, just down the road next to the Mimbres River. The scenery in the Mimbers valley is beautiful, and the views from the Georgetown cabins are spectacular! The cabins are “first class” and Old West themed. Our other cowboys who stay here are generally at the range all day … but the wives often take a day to relax in the hot tub … and the resort it’s wonderful! Visit it once and you’re sure to come back!
– Tex & Cat

That’s Tex, SASS #4, and Cat Ballou, SASS #55, on the left. Both were winners in 2018 and scored a clean match along with the other two cowboys in the photo.

frank _ carol.png

Frank and Carol say, “After a busy day of playing cowboy at the Cowboy Action Shooting match in the Mimbres Valley, it is so good to come back to the Georgetown Cabins to relax in the Jacuzzi and have a nice dinner cooked on the grill. Of course, we end the day with a glass of wine enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains.”