Meet Your Host & Hostess

Jon & Susie Eickhoff , pronounced "I cough"!

Jon & Susie Eickhoff, pronounced "I cough"!

Greetings Georgetown Cabins Resort Guests!!
We want to welcome you and your true love to your special cabin in the woods!! Leave the weight of the world behind, take in the sounds and smells of nature, watch the gathering clouds unfold, sense the approaching cleansing showers, and feel peacefulness, love, and contentment.  Day dreams can be real if you make them happen!!

Jon and I retired from owning and managing a high pressure, fast-paced, new product development company located in southwest Michigan.  After selling the business, we found new adventures in southwest New Mexico while searching for sunshine!  Soon after our arrival in Silver City, we began exploration of the 3.5 million acre Gila National Forest and Wilderness.  We soon figured out that we couldn’t see it all in our lifetime.  

One of the places we found interesting and spent much time exploring was the Georgetown area.  We were surprised to find that there was some private land around Georgetown that was not part of the national forest.  These properties were mining claims from the late 1800s and one of interest to us was the McGregor.  

After some research, we found that the current owners and descendants of the original McGregor Clan wanted to sell, but were discouraged by the lack of adequate survey and clear title for the property.  Not ones to back away from a challenge, we decided to make them an offer contingent upon us handling the survey and title work, and the rest is history.  This completed land purchase started a three year odyssey to design and build what is today Georgetown Cabins Resort, a six cabin grouping on the side of Parapet Mountain, overlooking the old Georgetown town site and the Mimbres Valley with a spectacular backdrop of the Black Range of the Gila.

Jon and Susie make themselves available to answer any questions and needs. You will be in good hands when staying with them.  They are warm, helpful, respectful of privacy and discrete. They have the “teddy bear” touch...just right. They feel like instant family and are genuinely concerned for the well-being of their guests. If you ever need a special place to restore and recharge your body, mind, and spirit, or a place where you can almost pluck the stars from the sky, this is it.
— Guests from Tucson, AZ

We are thrilled that folks from around the world have discovered Georgetown Cabins Resort and many come for repeat visits.  We love the friendships that we have made and look forward to staying in touch.

Having said earlier that we are not ones to back away from a challenge, we found another while looking for healthy alternatives for our diet.  We met Dr. Ed Fredrickson from the Joronado Research Center of the USDA who was studying a breed of cattle more suited for the desert southwest called the Criollo.  These cattle are direct descendants of the cattle brought to the new world by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage.  Dr. Frederickson’s quest was to reintroduce this breed of cattle to not only be a more ecologically sound animal for this region, but to also help preserve the ranching way of life for generations to come. We traveled with Dr. Fredrickson to Mexico and purchased a small starter herd of cattle and had them on an Eco-Ranch called Mimbres Mountain Ranch.  Our goal at that time was to purchase additional irrigated land on the Mimbres River for grass finishing the Criollo steers.  We found a ranch located on the river with 511 total acres and 141 acres of irrigatable bottom land.  This proved sufficient to support the entire herd, and the herd was moved to what is now the Thistle Dew Ranch. Now that the herd is progressed to a satisfactory level, we have our grass-fed, Criollo beef available at 9 retail outlets and one restaurant from Willcox, Arizona to Hobbs, New Mexico.  Check out for further information about our grass-fed, Criollo beef and the Thistle Dew Ranch. 

Once again, we welcome you to your special cabin in the woods!  Dream on!!!

- Jon & Susie


Georgetown Cabins Resort is currently for-sale

Although we are in no rush to sell our beautiful place, we’ve decided that it is time to put it on the market due to Jon’s current health situation. If you are interested in this unique cabins resort in the forest, please contact us!