Georgetown Cabins Resort utilizes eco-friendly design and innovation, we are a completely solar powered resort!

  • Off-the-grid, solar power

  • Water pumped from well to reserve tanks utilizing solar power. Water is then gravity fed from tanks to cabins.

  • Recycled and natural materials used when practical (recycled brick, stones and concrete)

  • Wet pond septic system

  • On-site water reserve for fire protection

  • The cabins are designed with energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprint and water conservation throughout.

  • Super insulated exterior walls

  • Low-e windows

  • light colored, metal roof

  • solar powered attic fan for roof ventilation

  • energy star appliances

  • total air flow designed interior walls and circulating fans

  • low electrical consumption and low heat output LED lighting

  • electronic ignition LP gas fireplace

  • On-demand, electronic ignition, hot water heater

  • electronic ignition gas cook top

  • low flow water fixtures & faucets

  • fire proof or retardant exterior materials

  • recycling used where practical & available

  • Low outside lighting for dark skies

Although we have a generator for back-up power if needed, our solar power system is designed to handle our expected needs.

Thank you so much for the wonderful week at Georgetown Cabins. We had a super time and are so impressed with the “green” technology and solar collection.  We love the floor plan and décor of the Mitchell cabin. We felt welcome.
— Guests from West Union, IA

The Solar System

Designed and installed by Pete Noce of    Positive Resources.

Designed and installed by Pete Noce of Positive Resources.

  • Designed and installed by Pete Noce of Positive Resources.

  • 13 kilowatt solar array with a daily production of 65 kilowatts/hrs

  • Outback power system capable of 14.4 kilowatts of continuous power

  • 120/240AC split phase electric

  • 1800 amp hour battery bank at 48 volts DC

  • Solar system is backed up by Isuzu generator, 21 kilowatt/kba, 120/240 volt, 175/87.5 amps

  • Solar Powered Water Pumping System