Lottie Deno

The infamous Lottie Deno was a colorful character about whom many books have been written.  She grew up in a well to do family in Kansas.  Her father, who lacked a son, often took Lottie with him on business trips and taught her the fine art of gambling.  He was killed in the Civil War when she was in her teens and her mother sent her, along with her seven foot tall nanny, to Detroit, Michigan in order to keep Lottie away from a fellow that was trying to court her. After she had spent nearly all of her money, she took up gambling and was quite successful.  She traveled down the Mississippi aboard the riverboats, lived in several cities in Texas and later followed her gambler boyfriend Cherokee Hall to New Mexico.  There they established a gambling establishment in Georgetown for a period of time. 

Lottie longed to be a wife and respected citizen.  She and Cherokee settled in Deming, New Mexico and gave up their gambling ways.  They took on the names of Charlotte and Frank Thurmond.  He became the vice president of the Deming National Bank, owner of a ranch and a mine.  She helped raise money to build the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and taught Sunday school.  It is said that the character, Miss Kitty of Gunsmoke, is based upon Lottie Deno.  She got the name Lottie Deno when she took a fellow gambler for a lot of money and he suggested she be named Lota Dinero.

The Lottie Deno Cabin is a romantic, Victorian cottage design.  It has coordinating wall papers of roses, stripes and damask, white wood trim and white linens.  Hickory flooring and cabinetry create a warm and comforting feel. The cabin is tucked into the pinion forested hill side with a wraparound deck on three sides.  The front deck has glass panels to ensure a beautiful and forever view.

A fantastic stay and a very warm welcome. The cabin was clean and had everything we needed. A very memorable visit.
— guests from Eastbourne, England